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Laura Jones


Online Editor

Laura Jones


Cruising: The Med (Titlerole/Channel 5) - 8x60min
The Cruise Series 1 & 2 (Titlerole/Channel 5) - 20x60min
Squad Dates (Ninelives/BBC3) -1x60min
Frozen Gold (Renowned Films/The Weather Channel) - 3x60min
British Injustice with Raphael Rowe (Titlerole/C+I) - 2x60min
The Philpott Fire: 10 Years On (Titlerole/Channel 5) - 1x90min
Wrongly Released (Titlerole/Foxtel) - 2x60min
British Airways 24/7: Access All Areas (Titlerole/Channel 5) - 4x60min
Pedophile Hunters: The Rise of The Vigilantes (Titlerole/BBC3)- 1x40min
All Inclusive Holiday: Is It Really Worth It? (Titlerole/Channel 5) - 1x60min
British Airways: 100 Years In The Sky (Titlerole/Channel 5) - 2x60min
Kids A&E At Christmas (Titlerole/Channel 5) - 1x60min
The World’s Most Extraordinary Families (Titlerole) 6x60min
Worlds Wildest Flights Series 1 & 2 (Titlerole/Channel 5) - 6x60min
Worlds Wildest Weather (Titlerole/The Weather Channel) - 6x60min
Crimes That Shook Australia - Series 1,2,3 (Titlerole/Foxtel) - 8x60min per series
Crimes That Shook Britain - Series 3,4,5,6,7,8 (Titlerole/C+I) - 6x60min per series
Fathers Who Kill (Titlerole/Channel 5) - 1x46 min
Britain's Biggest Heists - Series 2 (Titlerole/C+I) - 6x60min
Future of Food (Blakeway North/BBC) - 2x60min
Dispatches ‘Lost In Care’ (First Frame/BBC) - 1x60min 

The House Special (Mackinnon & Saunders/Nexus/Netflix) - Studio VFX Supervisor
Scream Street Multiple Series (Factory/Coolabi/CBBC) - Online editor
Norman Picklestripes Series (Factory/Universal Kids) - Compositing team
Mimi and The Mountain Dragon Special (Factory/BBC) - Compositing team
Clangers Series1&2 (Factory/Coolabi/Cbeebies) - Online editor & Compositing team
Twirlywoos (Ragdoll/Cbeebies) - Compositing various scenes
Raa Raa The Noisy Lion Series 2 (Mackinnon & Saunders/Dreamworks Classics/Cbeebies) - Online editor & Compositor various episodes 
Newzoids, Series 2 (Factory/ITV) - Compositing and Tracking
Club Penguin, Halloween Panic Special (Factory/Disney) - Offline & Online editor
Club Penguin, Monster Beach Party Special (Factory/Disney) - Offline & Online editor
Club Penguin, We Wish You A Merry Walrus Special (Factory/Disney) - Offline & Online editor
Strange Hill High (Factory/CBBC) - Online editor various episodes
Postman Pat SDS, Series 2 (Mackinnon & Saunders/Classic Media/Cbeebies) - Online editor & compositor
Toby's Traveling Circus Series (Mackinnon & Saunders/Komixx) - Online editor & Compositor
Cloudbabies (Studio Liddell/Hoho/Cbeebies) - Online editor various episodes
Postman Pat SDS Series 1 (Cosgrove Hall/Entertainment Rights/Cbeebies) - Online editor & Compositor
Rupert the Bear - Follow The Magic (Cosgrove Hall/Entertainment Rights/Five) - Online editor & Compositor 
Fifi and the Flowertots (Cosgrove Hall/ Chapman Entertainment/Five) - Online editor & Compositor various episodes

Numan Commercials (Mackinnon & Saunders/Hello Sunshine/Numan) - Studio VFX Supervisor & Clean up artist
Red Tractor Commercials (Mackinnon & Saunders/LoveCreative/Red Tractor) - Studio VFX Supervisor, Clean up & Compositor
Cocacola Close the loop Infomercial (Mackinnon & Saunders/M&C Saatchi/Cocacola)- Studio VFX Supervisor & Compositor
Macy's - Tiptoe & The Flying Machine Commercial (Mackinnon & Saunders/Nexus/Macy’s) - Studio VFX Supervisor

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Tel: 07803 013922

Region: Manchester

Remote Working

  • Happy to work remotely

Software Used

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid Symphony
  • Da Vinci Resolve


  • File Delivery AS-11
  • Grading
  • Graphics
  • Online
  • UHD experience


  • Children's
  • Commercials
  • Corporates
  • Documentaries
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Factuals
  • Reality


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